Packing List

  •     PASSPORT 
  •     Sleeping Gear*
  •     Water Bottle
  •     Sunscreen
  •     Flashlight
  •     Toilet Paper (keep handy while traveling as some restrooms do not carry TP)
  •     Insect Repellant
  •     Bible
  •     Towel
  •     Toiletries (soap, toothbrush, etc.)
  •     Wet wipes (For hand cleaning)
  •     Hat or cap (head gear of some sort to protect against the sun)
  •     An attitude of love geared toward serving others

*Sleeping gear (sleeping bag, pillow). You may also pack a cot or a pad to sleep on. Some of the places do not have sleeping quarters. but in good weather, sleeping outside, under the stars, is special. Folding cots are the most popular option (Walmart camping section usually has them). It is a good idea to cover your sleeping gear and any other items you want to keep dust free with plastic bags or other coverings to protect them from the dust or the small possibility of inclement weather. If you are using plastic garbage bags to cover your luggage or sleeping gear it is recommended that you double bag them. Ear Plugs are a good idea, unless you don’t mind snoring. It is a good idea to label all things you wrap in plastic bags so you can easily identify them.


  •   No firearms or ammo (unless of course you like to spend time in Mexican jails). These are illegal in Mexico.
  •   No smoking
  •   No short shorts (this includes men) or skirts. Full length trousers are recommended as the sun and dust is very harsh on exposed skin. However, if you desire to wear shorts then please try and keep them appropriate as the people in these villages dress very conservatively. We reserve the right to ask anyone to change attire, should we deem the attire inappropriate.
  •   No revealing attire. (tight trousers or low cut blouses)
  •   Men, keep your shirts on
  •   No bad attitudes


  •   Love God with all your heart, your mind and your strength and love your neighbor as yourself.
  •   Smile a lot (it’s easier on you face)
  •   Drink lots of water! Except during our travel days.
  •   Attend all worship services with the Mexican people.
  •   Expect to be blessed by our Lord.

We will be gathering on the morning of your scheduled departure date around 6:30 AM. PLEASE ARRIVE AT THE SUGGESTED TIME AS WE NEED TO HAVE TIME TO PACK YOUR LUGGAGE. We will arrive back at our starting point sometime between 5PM and 8PM on Sunday following your departure.

Download Packing List Here

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