Year In Review

Year in Review

December 30th thru January 3rd

This year actually began last year. Sara and I prepped the trip but we did not go by design, as we are working hard to position the mission of “life without us”, in the event that it becomes necessary. The trip went well. It was very cold that week and as result clinic visits were down.

March 10th thru 14th

Spring Break found us in San Vicente, La Union and San Miguel. We saw approximately 150 patients on this trip. We also had an optometrist go with us as well.

April 15th thru 19th

Another trip without Sara and I. Sara had a meeting to attend and I was struggling with severe shoulder pain. The group held clinics in Alamos de Marquez, Paso de San Antonio and Alamos de San Antonio.

June 8th thru 13th

Hill Country Evangelical Free Church sponsored a construction trip to Paso de San Antonio. We screened in a porch on the clinic building there while, a team conducted vacation bible school in the afternoons with the children of Paso de San Antonio and Alamos de San Antonio.

June 24th thru 28th

We held clinics in Boquillas, Las Norias and Jaboncillos. It was very hot. We had lots of musicians on this team and we were treated to a Blue Grass version of Amazing Grace during our first devotion in Boquillas. The last night in Jaboncillos they stayed up Jammin until 11PM despite the fact they needed to get up early next morning.

July 20th thru 25th

Local Missions Week. This is the 4th year in succession that we have facilitated a local project while holding a city wide vacation bible school. We had as many as 57 children attend VBS. This is the second year our project was making improvements at the local Girls and Boys Club

August 1st

Fiesta 2015 was a huge success. We raised nearly $30,000 after expenses. Shilo Harris was our guest speaker. Everyone agreed that it was an enjoyable evening.

September 23rd thru 27th

Our second San Vicente trip was a tremendous success. We saw 170 + patients. One hundred of which we saw in San Miguel. Despite all of the hard work no one on the team complained. All of our clinics ended late, so late in fact that we ate dinner each night after church.

October 14th thru 18th

Our final medical trip of the year went back to Alamos de Marquez, Paso de San Antonio and Alamos de San Antonio. We were a bit short-handed on this trip. There were only nine

of us. Again we had a great crew. We still have three trips to go this year. Two Christmas trips and one Well Child Clinic are all scheduled in December.

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