End of Year Letter

This time of year we like to stop and thank our wonderful friends that support this work of Misión De Candelilla. We hope and pray that the upcoming Christmas season brings you great joy. We have had an outstanding year! We have held 20 medical clinics, facilitated two Well Child Clinics, completed three construction projects in Mexico and one here in Fredericksburg. We brought Christmas to San Vicente and we leave next week (December 20th) to bring Christmas to La Union. After years of struggling to have enough volunteers to serve on the various trips our group are well staffed with equipped volunteers. We are grateful to the Lord for all of the folks he has sent to us.

In the process we have had close to 1,000 patient visits in an extremely rural region where the closest significant care is as much as five hours away. In spite of very high transportation costs we deliver an excess of $1,000,000 dollars of care in doctor visits, EKGs, ultra sound services and medications. All for less than $180,000.

This year we also screened all of the windows and doors in San Miguel. This was the last of the seven villages that received these services in conjunction with Rotary International. We added on to the building we use for Paso de San Antonio. Each one of these construction projects is accompanied with a team that brings vacation bible school to the children.

Whether we are doing construction projects or medical clinics we also have worship services with the people while we are there. This year we held 27 services. In many instances we bring the only church services that these folks receive. The goal of all the groups is to touch the people they are serving with the love of Christ. Our goal is to not only minister to the people we serve but to meet the needs of the volunteers as well. To that end we have devotional services everyday for our volunteers. As a result we have seen the lives of our volunteers changed as well.

There are so many example I would like to share with you of how your contributions have impacted the lives of the people we serve. The medical clinics provide so much needed care, especially when it comes to medications of rate chronically ill. The simple act of screening windows and doors allows the people to sleep with their windows open without being bitten by mosquitoes.

There are, however, to things that stand out the most for me. They are the change in San Miguel and the “Local Missions Week.” This year we did two construction projects in San Miguel. During those projects our teams also facilitated Vacation Bible School. This encouraged a local lady to hold Sunday School and no fifty children are attending. She also has 11 teenagers assisting with children. This means that almost all of the children in this village are being reached with the love of the Lord. In addition she is also meeting with some of the ladies in the village for prayer every week. Sara and I are so very exited about this development.

We are also excited about what happened during Local Missions Week. This year the students from Heritage School worked on several construction projects at our local Boys and Girls Club. In the evenings they assisted with vacation bible school at Primera Bautista Iglesia. After VBS they would return to camp at our river bottom. They would eat dinner, then they would hold their own worship services. On a couple of occasions they shared their struggles with sins, “confessing them one to another”. Local missions week was effective in touching the lives of children in our community but the impact it had on the students was dramatic. We continue to hear testimonies of how their lives were touches and changed! We are so grateful that God allowed us to have a role in the lives of these young people. We hope to expand in this area of ministry in the years to come.

Next week we leave with a group from Holy Ghost Lutheran Church. We will be leaving with their youth group (15) to bring Christmas to La Union. We are so excited to see these folks join us again. Please keep this team in your prayers.

We need your continued prayers to conniption touching the lives of people with His love. Chris and Ruth Avery have chosen, once again, to give us a matching grant. If we completely match it, we will have raised a total of $30,000 for this effort. Please meditate and pray on how God would have you support this work.


Sincerely, Curtis B. Allerkamp

Executive Director

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