May 2014 Update

Wow! What a year it has been! Last week, May 8th and 9th, went to Piedras Negras to facilitate a well child clinic in Navaja. It was our fifth group trip of the year and we saw over 28 children and several adults. We had a great breakfast with the Rotary and they gave us a tour of all their work with the local Red Cross. I am grateful for all the Lord has done to make these trips possible. I am especially grateful for all the volunteers who make these trips so successful.

We started in January with a trip to Boquillas, Las Norias and Jaboncillos on the 8th. We had a large contingent from Stephenville First United Methodist Church. These folks have been coming with us for the past 5 years. It is always good to see them. It is like a family reunion. This is one of the great blessing s that Sara and I receive. It is like we have on large extended family! We saw approximately 120 patients on this trip.

On the 19th of February we took off with a team of wanna-be carpenters and vacation bible school teachers. We teamed up with Carlos Servin and the folks of San Miguel to screen all of windows and doors in the homes. VBS was highly successful with 19 commitments to Christ. We are always very careful about this because I never want folks who make a commitment to be like notches in our belts. It was very clear to all of us that these confessions of faith were a very real event for all of those involved. We are grateful to see the lost coming to the Lord!

In March we rejoiced again to see several families join our team. Dan and Renee Sechrist along with their daughters (Dr. Charles Burg’s grandchildren) came with us for the second time. What a joy to have families along. Also joining them was Kristine Ahrens and her two children (Cassie and Izie). Kris had not been with us in a while and it was wonderful to have her along again. We saw approximately 130 patients on this trip.

April was very busy! On the 12th we held our annual garage sale. We raised $4550 with this event. Then on the 23rd of April we took off with a contingent from Johnson City United Methodist Church Along with Dr. Ottis Layne and Dr Carol Andrus to Alamos De Marquez. One of the highlights of that trip is what is quickly becoming a tradition for us. While we are in Paso de San Antonio, Martha Alvarado cooks enchiladas for our evening meal. The following morning we have hard fried eggs over (leftover) enchiladas the following morning. We finish the trip with our final clinic in Alamos de San Antonio. We saw approximately 110 patients on this trip.

We are busy gearing up for June. We will be facilitating two trips during this month. In July we will be gearing up for Fiesta 2014 which will be held on August 2nd. In addition we will be facilitating “Local Missions Week” with the Heritage School students on July 21.

After Fiesta, Sara and I will take a short breather before heading into a hectic 4 month 7 trip schedule. Pray for us. Especially that God would give us wisdom and strength in the days the lie ahead!

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