Fiesta 2013

Wow! We lack words to describe the success of the Fiesta. I wish we could list each of the folks individually who contributed to that success but I do not have the space to do so. So let me say this to all of you who volunteered, planned, attended, contributed or supported in  any  way  “Thank  You”.  Each  of  you  made  it  possible  for  Fiesta  2013  to  be  a   bright spot on our calendar. It has become an event that folks want to attend. We were blessed by the presence of James and Estella Avery as the honorary co-chairs of the Fiesta 2013 committee.

This  year’s event honored Carol Smith and her husband the late Jack Smith for introducing Sara Allerkamp and Dr Ottis Layne to the tiny villages in the desert. They were working on developing agriculture in the region and saw the need for medical care in the region.

Carol was especially blessed to see Pastor Santos Oñate, an old friend from Las Norias. She had not seen Santos in many years. Santos was there with his son Porfirio. Parfirio shared a song in both English and Spanish. Many who were in attendance joined him in the singing.

President of the Greater San Marcos Rotary Club (Deanna Lalich) received recognition for her club’s continued support by collecting school supplies for all the children in the villages for the past 10 years. In addition Rotary District Governor Jerry Hardy and Co-chair of Rotary  District  5840’s  Hunger-Plus committee received recognition for their assistance.

Also in attendance were 8 Rotarians from the Piedras Negras Rotary Club. These wonderful friends help us so very much with our border crossings. Over 300 were in attendance. This is the largest attendance for the Fiesta ever. In addition we grossed $43,000 with a net of about $38,000.

While all of this is important Sara and I felt from the beginning that we wanted Fiesta 2013 to be a celebration of Jesus Christ. We praise and thank Him for this!

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