A Story of Hope

On our last night during the Boquillas trip we were in Jaboncillos. It was getting late (11:30PM) and we needed to arise extra early the next morning for our journey home. Sara and I went to bed outdoors just inside the church yard fence. I was having trouble sleeping. Half awake and half asleep I hear trucks driving toward the church. I am  thinking  “I  hope  they  are  not  headed  here.”  Much  to   my disappointment two trucks come to a stop right outside the fence where we were trying to sleep.

The door to the pickup opens and I hear a female voice, “Sara..  Sara..Sara.”  They  always ask for Sara. Reluctantly we get up. Inside the pickup in addition to other family members is a drunk man with a serious cut to his inside left upper arm. The other truck had two Mexican customs officials from Boquillas. They had brought the man from Boquillas after he had gotten in a fight there.He is moaning loudly. We worried that he might wake up the rest of the group. After examining him we knew we needed to wake Dr. Ottis Layne.

He was a belligerent drunk and insisted on going to the bathroom before we treated him. After he came back he drank several glasses of water and then promptly vomited into a 5 gallon bucket. It was kind of like watching an artist as we watched Ottis stitch him up. By the time we were finished he was sobering up and he was very grateful to us. My hope is that he was touched by the love of the Lord as we ministered to him and that it will have an impact on his life!

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