Hearts Know No Borders

Fiesta 2013 was a tremendous success this year. We are very grateful to all of you who served in one capacity or another  to  make  this  year’s Fiesta truly the best ever! One of the contributors to this success was our local newspaper – The Fredericksburg Standard Radio Post

As they have in previous years they published several articles leading up to the event. This year they also published an editorial about Misión de Candelilla written by Ken Esten Cooke, owner and publisher of the paper. We are so grateful for their generous support. See the Post “Hearts Know No Borders” for the reprinted article.

Twenty-seven years ago, a mission to provide medical and agricultural assistance to two small villages in Mexico began. Since that time, Misión de Candelilla, based in Fredericksburg, has provided medical and dental needs to hundreds of residents in and around the villages. Its volunteers also have helped install water distribution systems, irrigation systems, constructed buildings and provided needed materials for these projects and more. Lastly, but certainly not least, volunteers have helped fulfill the spiritual needs of those isolated communities in the spirit of Christian care Misión de Candelilla will host its sixth annual fundraiser at 6 p.m., Saturday,

at Oak Hills Church and Event Center on FM 2093 (Tivydale Road.) Even if you are unable to attend, we urge readers to appreciate how this international mission has grown out of love and concern, and to support it with time, talents and/or treasure.

The needs of these communities are modest, but the spirit of the volunteers who cross the border and spend time there are large. This shows that the heart knows no border when it comes to care and sharing of our bounty. Oftentimes, mission volunteers say they got as much out of their service as did those on the receiving end.

If we walk a mile in the shoes of those who have so little by our standards, it is easy to see how Misión de Candelilla has helped the quality of life in these communities. We are appreciative of the efforts of these many volunteers and organizers, and we hold this up as the highest form of Christian charity and love.

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